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Below are examples of investments made in the last year:


3475 Oak Valley Rd NE #2330, Atlanta GA 30326 - Fulton County

3475 Oak Valley #2330 - 126% Annualized Return

Owned by R Bakare for $272k from 2004

Mortgage by Wells Fargo $218k from 2004

Tax Valuation of $296k

My Valuation of Condo: $200k

Purchased Tax Deed on first Tuesday of August 2009 for $100k.

Tax Deed Investments are superior to the 1st Mortgages. NEVER forget to pay your taxes - property taxes or income taxes. Government is always going to get their share.

Return: $20k Profit in 57 Days based on the 20% GA Tax Deed Statutory Return. Annualized Return of 126.32%




Redemption Check from Wells Fargo

229 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Unit #9, Atlanta GA 30308

229 Ponce De Leon Ave NE #9, Atlanta GA 30308

$21,000 Purchase Price - Aug 2009

Condo Unit #9 with a Mortgage on it of $144,200

Redeemed by Ocwen Servicing 76 days later as they were preparing for a Foreclosure.

95% Annualized Return in 76 Days.

Profit $4200

Scenario: Owner or Mortgage Holder didn't pay the 2007 taxes. Owner isn't able to maintain the mortgage and Mortgage Holder starts to Foreclose. Under GA Foreclosure law though you can't foreclose unless you have full title to the property. Before Ocwen could foreclose they had to redeem our Tax Deed for the GA Statutory 20% Penalty.







226 Long Dr, McDonough GA 30253

226 Long Dr

$51 Purchase Price plus $4k Taxes for 2009. Total Purchase Price of $55k.

Purchased on 12/2009.

Property became owned by investor group on 2/1/2010

Under Contract on 2/11/2010 for $105,500 with All Cash Offer close within 10 days and $5k Earnest Money. Closed on Feb 19, 2010.

Net Profit of $40k in 80 Days for Investment Group - Investors received a 161% annualized return and a 35% absolute return on their investment.






200 Glenridge Point Pkwy NE, Atlanta GA 30342

Expected Profit: $20k if paid before June 30, 2010 or $30k thereafter

We purchased the property for $50k and are getting ready to purchase subsequent taxes on the parcel of $50k and we will get a 20% return on all funds expended. If we don't get redeemed within the 1 year time period then our profit will be $30k.

Call Sam at 404-229-8004 to discuss the details of Investing in Tax Deeds in Georgia. This is a secured investment with an anticipated return of at least 20%.


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